10 Interior Color Design Trends

Did you know each color tone impacts our mood, has a distinct meaning, and is linked to our mental state?

Yes! Color has an interpretation of our daily life. From the colors on our walls to the various tints of the couch, your home’s color palette plays an essential function in building a pleasant ambiance for visitors. Therefore, attention must be given when selecting an interior color design.

For this reason, colors are the heart of any design and decoration, as they boost our feelings. No wonder colors can completely transform the interior and create harmony with the décor, depending on your style.

10 Interesting Interior Color Design Trends

Are you thinking of changing your homes interior colors in Austin, Texas?  PaintPro is here to help!  Check out these 10 interior color trends for 2022.

1. Crisp White

White paint is making a comeback in 2022 as a space-opening delight and it’s the most traditional and timeless house Interior Color Design trend on the market!  White paint is dominating and increasingly a fashionable choice for many homeowners.  Many homeowners seek calm, open, and breezy spaces in a world that can sometimes feel extremely heavy.

Because of its complementing character, it would work nicely with practically any other color. This precise shade of white is tough to go wrong with as a background for artworks or bold furniture.

2. A Touch of Green

Bring  the revitalizing characteristics of nature to your interior with greens that reign supreme. Many home owners have experienced a connection to both bold statement greens for cabinets or accent walls and soft pastel greens for calming rooms and bathrooms.  Green lifestyles are becoming increasingly in demand as it the color itself.

Deep green and other calming green hue pairs well with a wide range of other popular color schemes, from earthy terracottas and neutrals to opulent golds and silvers, making it simple to incorporate into existing decor.

3. A Sea of Blue 

Watery blues provide comfort and simplicity, have a playful quality and remind us to enjoy the little things in life. Navy blue is a fantastic color for creating an elegant and relaxing atmosphere.  It can be used in interior furniture, decor, and indoor wall paint.

The color navy blue is one of the most recent color statements, appearing in everything from kitchen shelves to sofas and pillows. This color is ideal for creating elegant, calm, and modern settings.

4. Terracotta Rouge

The natural environment continues to give us intriguing and one-of-a-kind materials. By blending foraged, pre-loved items, modern and customized pieces, and splashes of creative color, we can create places with their distinct sense of character.

Choosing a stunning paint color made from natural materials for a secret location like a bedroom is critical because they’re gentler and chalkier in tone, giving a less harsh end appearance. This pigment has somewhat different approaches depending on the time of day and season. It’s vibrant and fresh in the morning and warm and bright in the evening.

5. Lavender Dust

Dusty Lavender is a sophisticated option for developing pastels that are highly friendly and attractive to the eyes.

Small rooms will appear more significant when the color is applied to the walls and even the ceiling. A pastel will look more luxurious when paired with soft velvet tones and warm brass.

6. Florescents 

Bright pinks, greens, blues and yellows really amp up the energy in a space.  Great for kids rooms or playrooms these lively are eye-catching and convey vitality, creativity, and personality.

Best applied in a versatile area ready for a bold and confident style, you may consider darker walls an accent to compliment the energy.

7. Granite Dust

Granite Dust fits almost any space from offices, entertainment centers, living areas and bedrooms.   The soft tone is both calming and modern without feeling cold.  It can bring balance to your everyday life.

Granite Dust is neutral with mighty strength, even with its name; it may read warm or cool and provide a supportive environment for creativity, making it an ideal choice for a redesigned kitchen. Warm brass and oak components can complement the rocky grey’s faint green undertones.

8. Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze leans on the comforts of home by creating a familiar modern shelter from the outside world. Complement the elegance of Urbane Bronze with local fibers like wood treatments, granite countertops accents, weaving textiles, and lots of mixed metals to create a serene setting based on nature.

This color anchor change works well in a new home’s living rooms, bathrooms, and home offices.

9. Pale Apricot

Pale Apricot mixes pinkish tones with dazzling tints of mellow orange, giving it a lovely cream-like texture. This color is reminiscent of natural techniques such as unfinished hardwood, buttery leather, and even unbleached cotton, and it prefers to be bathed in natural light in nurseries and bedrooms.

10. Cherry Taupe

Cherry Taupe produces a sense of peace and power in a room, ideal for a personal environmental like a master bedroom or elegant social space such as a dining room.

Wherever your creativity and inspiration lead you there are an endless number of colors to choose from.  If you are looking for assistance with your color selection and painting project give us a call at PaintPro, we are here to help!