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What is Romabio Masonry Lime-Wash?

For those of you looking for the perfect exterior paint for bricks, Romabio’s limewash is one great option that creates a beautiful, aged look.

What is Limewash?

Limewash is a type of paint that originated in ancient Italy. When applied to brick, it creates an old-world effect. Think of castles and old brick homes—but in their prime. 

Unlike other paints, limewash does not completely cover the original color of your brick. Instead, parts of the brick shine through the limewash—creating a beautiful and unique look to your home.

Even better, limewash not cover the natural form of the brick. So, you don’t lose the natural look and texture of the brick.

The Pros and Cons of Using Romabio for Brick

Romabio limewash is great for exterior painting. It is known to be a masonry paint that can be used on both exterior and interior surfaces.

However, while Ramabio limewash has a lot of great benefits, you’ll want to first consider if it is a good option for your home.

The Pros

Romabio’s limewash is Zero VOC—which means that it will not agitate or harm those who suffer from allergies or asthma. This makes it a safe option to use when compared to other paints.

Limewash is UV resistant and mold and mildew resistant. This makes it a great long-term option for exterior surfaces.

Unlike paint, Romabio’s limewash is more like clay than it is like paint. Because of that, it does not peel or flake over time.

Even better, it is very porous—which allows the brick to breathe. Plus, when it dries, it calcifies—giving it a similar durability to stone.

All that said, it is no wonder that Romabio limewash is one of the best brick finishes out there. It will last for decades and age with glory.

Another great aspect of limewash is that it is easy to apply and customizable. There is no need to add primer before applying, and you only need one coat in most cases!

You can adjust the thickness of the limewash by adding more or less water to it, and you can also buy limewash in various shades of white and beige and some customer colors.

If you decide that you don’t like the look of the limewash, you can still easily remove it using a power washer.

The secret that gives limewash its old-world look is that it can be distressed. In other words, once the limewash is applied, you can spray it down with water to allow some of the brick to shine through.

The Cons

While limewash has many pros, there are some cons to it. For one, limewash does not come in the full array of colors that traditional paint does.

Limewash is also porous—which can be both a pro and a con. If you are looking for a sealer, then limewash is not the way to go.

There can also be consistency problems. Unlike traditional paint, Romabio limewash needs to be mixed with water before it is applied to a surface. If you add a lot of water, you’ll get a thin layer and vice versa.

Unfortunately, this can cause problems if you forget to measure the amount of water and limewash you mixed, it may result in a noticeable difference—as one layer may appear thicker than another.

Romabio’s Color Options

Romabio limewash can come in various shades of white and beige. So, if, for example, you want to paint your brick fireplace but want the paint to match the surrounding white painted walls, then you can!

While Romabio’s limewash does not come in every color, the many shades of white and beige still give it enough customizability to match similar white or beige shades you may already have in or outside of your home.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional

If you are thinking about applying Romabio limewash by yourself, then you’ll need:

    • A Masonry Brush
    • A Hose or Power Washer (if outside)
    • A Sponge, Towel, and Spray Bottle (if inside)

You will first want to clean off the brick and then dampen it with water. Then, after you have mixed an appropriate amount of water with the limewash, you can start applying it with a masonry brush.

After about 10 to 25 minutes, you can start to spray or wipe off some of the limewash to give it an aged look.

That’s it! However, mixing and distressing limewash is an art and so it may be best to have a professional do it if you don’t have much experience.

Figuring out the right water to product consistency can be hard and usually requires an experienced eye. While applying the limewash is not very hard, the distressing process can be.

Depending on the look you are going for, it can be hard to know how much limewash you should wipe off to create the aged look you are going for. 

But, a professional has plenty of experience in creating various aged looks using limewash and can implement it without any hiccups.

So, if you want to ensure that it is done right, it is best to play it safe and hire a professional to do it.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Romabio limewash is a great long-term option for those who want to “paint” their brick without completely covering the brick. If you are in Austin Texas and looking for professional painter to help with your next project give us a call.  PaintPro has a proven track record of quality and customer satisfaction. Schedule your free estimate here, and let us handle the rest.