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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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The kitchen is the beating heart of your home, always buzzing with activity, preparing meals for your family, and entertaining guests. Just as any person wants to take care of their heart, you want to ensure that your kitchen is a lively, vibrant, and comfortable place to cook and entertain. One of the best ways to enhance your kitchen is choosing the right color paint for your cabinets — but how do you go about choosing the right color? Here’s PaintPro’s four guiding principles for selecting cabinet paint colors in your kitchen.

stylish kitchen with white cabinets

Consider the Style of Your Cabinets

The style of your cabinets can generally determine the entire direction you take your kitchen in regards to its aesthetic elements. For more traditional cabinets, it’s generally good practice to be a little conservative with your color choices — typically cream or white. If your kitchen is more modern, your opportunities to explore a larger color pallet open up. Modern designs often allow you to experiment with bright colors and contrasting tones that would look out of place in a more traditional kitchen.

granite countertop with dark cabinets

Create Contrast Between Cabinets and Other Kitchen Colors

If you try to think back and remember your art classes in high school, you may recall that contrast is one of the most powerful tools available for creating an appealing color display, whether it’s a landscape painting or an interior space in a home. Contrast creates depth in a space, preventing an area like your kitchen from becoming flat and boring. Contrast is what creates that satisfying “pop” when you enter a room and see how the dark cabinets contrast with the white granite countertops, for example. When picking your cabinet colors, think about how they can play with contrast with other elements, like your flooring, countertops, and wall color.

Kitchen with white countertop and bluish gray cabinets

Consider Kitchen Size and Lighting

You may not realize it, but color and lighting have a profound effect on how people perceive size. Generally speaking, lighter colors help a space feel more open and light, while darker colors make spaces feel more grounded and heavy. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, using dark colors can make the space feel even smaller, even slightly claustrophobic. Using brighter colors and lighting that emphasizes verticality can make even small kitchens feel more open and inviting. On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen with lots of natural light, you can be more open to using dark colors to add depth and nuance to your space.

Beautiful luxury kitchen with quartz countertops and view windows

Make Sure the Cabinet Color Flows Well With the Wall Color

Think of the walls in your kitchen as the canvas on which your cabinets are painted. Your walls may not take center stage, but they’re the foundation that everything else is built upon. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your cabinet colors don’t clash with your wall color, but rather build off of your wall color to create tasteful contrast or harmony. When you’re dealing with neutral colors (black, gray, or white) it’s best to contrast light and dark. With colors, it can be a bit more tricky. Complimentary colors work very well together, at least in theory, but when was the last time you saw purple walls with yellow cabinets? In these cases, our professional painting team can help you make the right color choice to enhance your kitchen.

We hope this gives you a good place to start when selecting your cabinet paint colors. For all things related to paint, you have a team ready to help at Paint Pro! Contact us today in Austin to get started on your kitchen painting project.

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