Painter holding roller paintbrush with paint supplies in the background

The PaintPro Process

A lot of people think that Interior Painting is a difficult and time-consuming project. However, with our Interior Painting process, it has never been easier!

Our interior painters always follow a set of strict rules while they work inside your home. In order to obtain professional consistent outcomes every time, we insist on following specific methods when we enter a space. PaintPro never sacrifices quality. What distinguishes us from other companies is our commitment to finishing all of the “small details.” Learn more about our Interior Painting Process from start to finish so you understand what you can expect when we paint your house.

Painter putting tape on hardwood floors around edges of walls


This step includes organizing supplies so they’re out of high-traffic areas.

Preparation includes sanding walls, drywall repair, caulking, or applying primer. All of these steps are essential to the overall quality of your paint job.

Painter applying paint to interior wall

The Paint Job

We’ll apply the first coat of paint and allow it to dry. Then, we’ll check for and repair drywall imperfections such as holes, nail pops, or tape seams.

After checking for imperfections, we’ll apply the final coat of paint to the walls.

Living room with off-white walls and a tan ceiling

Quality Check

The quality of our work is crucial to our success as a company. We go through a final inspection process so we can be sure you’re satisfied with the work before we leave your home. We’ll check for touch-ups, remove the tape, and replace outlet covers and fixtures.

Paint supplies on a tarp

Clean Up

Finally, we’ll clean up the work area before leaving your home. We’re dedicated to making sure you have a spotless space once our crew leaves!

Above all, we are honest and do what we promise. We will deliver you the high-quality paint job that you paid for. We’re dedicated to delivering value to our clients. In summary, the PaintPro Interior Painting Process includes:

• Preparation
• The Paint Job
• Quality Check
• Clean Up

These four steps will ensure that you’re satisfied with the paint job we provide.

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