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5 Signs You Should Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve got the urge to do some remodeling but you don’t know quite where in your home to start, you might want to consider your own kitchen.

It’s often one of the most popular rooms in terms of getting traffic — the presence of food in there might have something to do with it — and so getting an update is something people consider doing for their kitchen once in awhile.

Yet replacing your kitchen cabinets can be quite an ordeal both in terms of cost and the labor involved in doing it — is it worth it, or would it be worth your time and money to repaint your existing cabinets instead?

With that in mind, let’s look at the five signs that you should repaint your kitchen cabinets

1. You Can See Signs Of Water Damage

There’s nothing like looking at your kitchen cabinets and spotting damage caused by water — yikes!

Yet you don’t need to fret all too much as you can rectify the damage caused by water with a paint job.

When your kitchen cabinets show signs of water damage and it is beyond a little touch up, it’s a good sign that it is time to repaint them.

2. You Enjoy The Layout Of Your Kitchen But Want An Update

If you enjoy the layout of your kitchen but you know that you definitely want some kind of an update, a kitchen cabinet re-painting is definitely right for you.

When you repaint your kitchen cabinets, all you are really doing is removing the cabinet doors, sanding, priming, and then painting the cabinets as well as the doors and then putting them all back.

This doesn’t quite permit you to rearrange your kitchen but will give you new looking cabinets and in turn a newer looking kitchen.

3. Your Budget Is Limited

When you want to update the look of your kitchen, often the first thing you think to do is to entirely replace your kitchen cabinets.

This is something that can often cost upwards of ten to fifteen thousand dollars, depending on where you go to get your cabinets manufactured and who installs them.

If you want an updated look but your budget is more limited than that, you are looking at getting your existing kitchen cabinets repainted.

4. Your Cabinets Look A Little Outdated

Sometimes you can tell that something is outdated based on the presidential administration during which it came to be.

Take for example your kitchen cabinets — if your kitchen cabinets were installed sometime during the Nixon administration, it’s entirely possible that your cabinets are outdated.

If it turns out that this is the case and you want to give them a new look but you enjoy the functionality of them overall, you don’t have to replace them as much as you should consider repainting them and therefore giving them a new look.

5. You Just Want A Minor Style Change

Sometimes you just want to give your kitchen a small change in style without upending the entire place and turning it into an entirely new kitchen.

If it turns out that this is the case, you might want to consider repainting your kitchen cabinets as doing this will give your kitchen a small change in style without completely changing everything.

Of course, once you are done and you let it settle in for awhile, you might consider down the road doing a more major style overhaul for the kitchen — but that is an entirely different discussion for another time.

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