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4 Steps for Creating the Perfect Color Palette

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If you’ve been thinking about interior painting for your home or business, you want to make sure to have the perfect color palette for any room. At PaintPro in Austin, we can help come up with the ideal painting plan for any space!

Find Your Inspiration

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Before you get started, look for inspiration on how you can update your room with a new paint color. You might already have ideas based on things you’ve seen online or in home design magazines. If you’re a DIY type, then you might have an inspiration gallery that you’ve gathered from Pinterest, HGTV, and other sources.





Pay Attention to Lighting


Lighting plays a key role in how your new paint color will look on the walls. Darker tones will absorb light and can make the room feel smaller, while lighter, brighter colors will reflect and bounce light around the room. If you’re painting your living room, look at all the light sources, including overhead lights, wall sconces, lamps, and more, to see how those fixtures will work with your new paint color.





Consider the Tone of a Room

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Every room, whether residential or commercial, has its purpose, and the paint color goes a long way in helping to fulfill or hinder that purpose. If the room is supposed to be calming and relaxing, such as a bedroom, then you’ll want the paint colors to be calming as well. For active, engaging spaces, such as a home office or conference room, the paint should match that tone.





Plan for the Future

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You can always paint your walls a new color whenever you want, but it’s good to plan for the future when deciding on a color palette. Your child’s bedroom now may become a home office or home theater once the child has grown up and moved out, so it can be beneficial to paint the walls a color that works both now and in the future!




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