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Hot Colors to Consider for Your Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, and Bedroom

Choosing your home’s color scheme is a fun project that allows you to showcase your unique personality and your creative side. However, it can still be a bit stressful if you’re not great at choosing colors that convey the mood you wish to create in your home. You have to be careful not to choose anything that will look tacky or outdated, and you want colors that will make you feel comfortable in your personal space and be attractive and inviting to guests at the same time. It’s no surprise that the rooms you tend to use the most are the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, so if you need a little help selecting colors that are modern and stylish, consider these hot trends and classic staples.

Kitchen Colors

The kitchen is the heart and hearth of your home. It is the place where your family gathers to get the day started and reconvenes in the evening to discuss the events of your day. You entertain friends there and spend hours experimenting with your culinary creations. It should be no surprise, then, that you want to choose a color scheme that is pleasant and welcoming but still stimulates the appetite. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Butter. A soft, buttery yellow is a great color that will typically pair well with most cabinet colors. Depending on the shade, it can be neutral enough not to draw attention away from other features, while still being bright and cheery.
  • Celery. This shade of green is a chic modern choice; it goes well with white or gray cabinet choices and makes us think of an array of delicious summer vegetables. It’s organic and earthy and is well suited to complement modern design elements.
  • Cream. Off-whites are a great classic option for kitchens because their neutral effect matches nearly anything, and looks particularly sharp with darker wood cabinet tones. It is clean and crisp and allows your other features to make the statement.
  • Red. Many people love red in a kitchen because it is bold and makes us think of spectacular foods. However, be careful when using dark reds because they can make the room feel small and gloomy if you have a lot of exposed wall space.

Living Room

The living room is a great place to entertain, read, relax, and watch TV with the family. You have a lot of leeway in this room to express your style and create a look that you will enjoy, and your guests will marvel at.

  • Pale pastels. These understated light colors are classy, and they allow your bolder furniture to take center stage. If you like a bright central living area, pastels let both artificial and natural light illuminate the room and create a sense of summer days at the beach.
  • Bold greens, yellows, and oranges. These living room colors tend to lean more to the modern side and work great with sleek furniture and chrome or nickel accent pieces. Be careful to choose shades that aren’t too bright and circus-like. Burnt oranges, muted yellows, and shades of avocado and pistachio are popular choices.
  • Heavy blues and black shades. These darker colors are pretty with both bright, modern furniture colors and classic antique pieces. Be sure to have the right lighting fixtures when you use dark colors because they can make the room feel small if it is not properly lit.


Bathrooms are spaces that allow for a lot of personal creativity. They are one of the most private spaces in your home, after all. Some people are quick in the shower and don’t spend any more time than they need to in this room, while others enjoy long relaxing baths and time to themselves. Consider the ways that these colors set the tone for your personal time.

  • Cerulean. This tropical blue tone is a popular bathroom choice because it calms and evokes the beauty of the deep blue sea. It works well with bright yellow, pink, orange, and red accents, and looks clean and crisp with white fixtures and floors.
  • Charcoal and deep brown. These organic earth tones are sophisticated and cozy and work well to create a spa-style bathroom with bright white towels, fixtures, and chrome accents. This stylish choice is a dramatic and sleek option that feels clean and relaxing.
  • Light grey and taupe. These neutral colors are earthy, yet modern, and allow for a lot of creativity with furnishings, fixtures, and accessories. The colors are calm and relaxing, but you can warm them up with dark furniture or lively artwork and accessories.


Your bedroom color needs to be versatile because you want it to be soothing and relaxing enough to help lull you to sleep at night, but bright enough to give you a kick of energy when you open your eyes in the morning. Luckily, there are some great colors that serve these purposes.

  • Icy blues. Soft ice blues are great in a bedroom because they have an almost dream-like quality in the dim light of evening, but spring to life when the natural light of day comes through your windows in the morning. They also go great with white and pale-colored linens.
  • Caramel. This chic color gives your walls a feel of custom leather upholstery and adapts well to the lighting at different times of the day. It is also versatile enough to work well with wood, metal, and lacquer furniture.
  • Cobalt. If you want to make a bold statement in the bedroom while maintaining the qualities we talked about, try a bright, glossy cobalt blue. This one is so unique and beautiful; you’ll want to show it off to your friends.

It’s always a great idea to plan your color scheme throughout your house, even if you’re not painting it all at once. Many homeowners think they need to use one color all through the home so that it doesn’t look like a patchwork quilt, but if your colors flow from room to room, they can have a stunning high-end effect. If you need some great Austin painters, reach out to the experts at PaintPro today.